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Dang Dang Delia Kan, PhD, graduate student 2019-2022

Rachel Greene, PhD, graduate student 2014-2020, currently at Oregon Health & Science University

Macey Arnold, UNC Undergraduate Research Assistant

McRae Scott, UNC Undergraduate Research Assistant

Louise Freeman, UNC Undergraduate Research Assistant

Maya Mosner, PhD, graduate student, 2013-2019, currently at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Miranda Sullivan,  (UNC Class of 2017) UNC Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jasmine Shah,  (UNC Class of 2017) UNC Undergraduate Research Assistant

Cara Damiano, PhD, graduate student, 2010-2015.

Sean McWeeny, B.A. (honors student, 2013-2015).

Hannah Carl, B.A. (honors student, 2013-2015).

Jared Minkel, Ph.D, (post-doc, 2012-2015).

Tyler Moore (research coordinator, 2012-2014).

Crystal Edler Schiller, Ph.D, (post-doc, 2011-2013); Currently Assistant Professor, UNC-CH Department of Psychiatry

Andrew Crowther, 2013 BBSP rotation student.

Megan Kovac, PhD UNC School Psychology Graduate Student (2009-2013).

Stephanie Miller, MSW (Research Assistant, 2011-2014).

Anna Sabatino, PhD: (Developmental Psychology Graduate Student, 2008-2013).

Ellie Hanna (Research Assistant, 2011-2013).

Jeremy Ford (Medical Student, 2012-2014).

Dillon Cockrell (Honors Student, 2010-2013; Winner of the Dashiell-Thurstone Award and highest honors for his honors project).

Charles Zhou (Student Research Assistant, 2011-2013).

Brittany Glass (Research Assistant, Duke Program in Child Affective and Anxiety Disorders, 2011-2013).

Joey Aloi, MD (Honors Student, 2010-2012).

Ryan, Delapp (Honors Student, 2010-2012).

Brittney Ciszek (UNC PhD BBSP Graduate Student, Winter, 2012).

Kristin Sellers (UNC PhD BBSP Graduate Student;, Spring, 2012).

John Richey, PhD (Post-doctoral fellow, 2009-2011; Currently Associate Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech).

Ali Rittenberg, MD (Lab Manager & BIAC Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, 2009-2011).

Douglas Romney (Carolina Medical Student Research Program, funded via a NIDDK Short Term Research Training Grant, Summer, 2010).

Jennifer Felder, PhD (Lab Manager & BIAC Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, 2007-2009).

Stacy Greeter, MD (Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Scott Neil Schwirck Fellow, 2009-2010).