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MRI studies

We have numerous ongoing MRI studies involving a range of psychiatric patient populations. Investigations include both cross-sectional approaches and longitudinal treatment studies. Imaging studies take place at the UNC Biomedical Research Imaging Center (BRIC).

Psychophysiology studies

Our psychophysiology studies take place in the CIDD developmental psychophysiology lab (please see this video.)

Eyetracking studies

Eyetracking studies take place at the CIDD which houses three research-dedicated Tobii eyetrackers,

Diagnostic and Behavioral Studies

We are currently investigating similarities and differences in the phenotypic expression of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders.

Information for students interested in joining the lab

Many opportunities exist to contribute to ongoing studies within the CAN Lab. These opportunities include but are not limited to

  • undergraduate part-time volunteers
  • independent research studies (UNC Psych 395; Duke Psych 191/192/193/194)
  • UNC Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs)
  • Medical Students (Carolina Medical Student Research Program, Howard Hughes research fellowship, etc)
  • UNC Neurobiology Curriculum

If you are interested in learning more about such opportunities, please send an email to g.dichter at gmail dot com including information about your research interests and contact information for two academic references.